Eye bolts are load handling devices and subject to strict EU guidelines.
Manufacturers and suppliers of eye bolts must comply with the requirements of the EU directive. They need to guarantee it with a CE marking on the eye bolt. However, it is not only important from the manufacturer’s point of view to comply with the regulations. Users of eye bolts need to ensure safety at the workplace as well. Eye bolts need to be checked prior to their commissioning as load handling device with regard to the requirements for CE marking. They further need to comply with the reference tables. For this purpose, the marking on the eye bolt must be present in the prescribed format and permanently affixed. Additionally, a batch number needs to be permanently affixed to enable the eye bolt to be traced in the event of a product defect. Load capacity, thread dimension and the direction of pull need to be marked as well and the material used must be identifiable by the symbol on the eye bolt. The manufacturer needs to supply an operating instruction with each eye bolt and needs to guarantee the safety of it by extensive quality tests. The EU stipulates that two tensile tests need to be carried out on different eye bolts on each production lot: two axial and two orthogonal tensile tests. Further to that, material analyses and material tests must have been carried out on the steel used and the composition needs to comply with the regulations. A test certificate in accordance with EN10204 needs to be issued for each production batch, which must also be supplied later and free of charge if required. Yoke eye bolts are subject to strict quality regulations and need to perform quality testings at every step of production. Yoke, as a manufacturer, is ISO 9001 certified and has test seals from institutions around the world, including the BG test certificate. All Yoke eye bolts are 100% electromagnetically crack-tested by Magnaflux. The load capacity of the eye bolts is tested with 2.5 times the load capacity. At continuous vibrations of 20,000 cycles, the eye bolts must withstand 1.5 times the load capacity. This guarantees a high level of occupational safety in lifting technology, especially with regard to load and fall protection and complies with the EU directives for eye bolts. Feel free to contact us to receive more information regarding Yoke eye bolts, safety standards and quality assurance. As a specialist for load handling attachments and anchor points, we are at your side.

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