YOKE Eye bolt –
Grade 10, 360° rotatable, M8-M48
YOKE No. 8-291-K

YOKE Eye bolt SPK – grade 100, 360° rotating, M8 – M48

The high-tensile YOKE Eyebolt SPK grade 100 is a rotating vario-eyebolt. The body of the rotating YOKE Eyebolt SunPoint SPK adjusts automatically into the lifting direction, thus avoiding any unintentional unscrewing or overtwisting of the screw and therefore preventing safety risks.

The YOKE Eyebolt SunPoint SPK aligns itself automatically

When using conventional fix DIN 580 eye bolts it is possible, that the screw unscrews itself. This can happen if the load effects come from varying directions or if the loads are for ex. rotated during lifting. In best case scenario the eyebolts will become bended and only cause nuisance by disassembling. However, eyebolts which can unintentionally unscrew are a major safety risk and a common cause for accidents with significant hazard to humans and materials as well.

The new generation of high-tensile YOKE eyebolts are 360° rotating even when the screw is tightened. The body of the YOKE SunPoint Eyebolt SPK aligns itself automatically into the lifting direction, effectively hindering possible security risks.

Highest quality and WLL (Working Load Limit) for better safety at work

The grade 100 YOKE SunPoint SPK eyebolts have particularly high Working Load Limits which can reach up to 12 tons. (Please make sure that the eyebolts are completely screwed in and all applied materials are adequate for the load.)

Please contact us for more information.

YOKE is one of the leading manufacturers of high-tensile forged products, from lifting points to forged lifting equipment.

The benefits of the rotating YOKE Eyebolt SunPoint SPK:

  • In accordance with EN 1677
  • High-tensile, grade 100 (WLL up to 12 to.)
  • 360° rotating for more flexibility and security
  • Adjusting to pulling direction even when tightly screwed in
  • All building components are subjected to a 100% electromagnetical crack detection
  • Quick assembly and maintenance thanks to the integrated fixing key (screw in and out without further tools)
  • Interchangeable screw (easy disassembly and replacement with the help of the “Repair Kit”)
  • Immediate stock availability from all sizes (M8 – M48)
  • UNG-thread available on request

Download the CAD-drawing for the SunPoint SPK Eyebolt from YOKE here.

Download the data sheet of SunPoint SPK Eyebolt from YOKE in pdf. extension here.

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Here you can download the CAD-drawings for the YOKE Eyebolt SPK

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