Yoke Weld-On Load Ring RGB
Grade 10
YOKE No. 8-082

Quality, resilience, low profile design: Yoke Weld-On Load Ring RGB

The YOKE Weld-On Load Ring from the Yellow Point series presents itself in proven YOKJE quality.
The manufacturer is ISO 9001 certified and is committed to strict quality controls. The yoke ring trestle is checked 100% electromagnetically for cracks and placed under loads of 2.5 times the load capacity. With continuous vibrations of 20,000 cycles, 1.5 times the load-bearing capacity must be endured. This guarantees a high level of occupational safety in lifting technology, especially with regard to load and fall protection. But the Yoke ring block can easily withstand high temperatures, the load capacity is 100% in the temperature range between -40 ° C and 100 ° C and changes only insignificantly at temperatures between 100 ° C and 350 ° C.

The YOKE Weld-On Load Ring RGB: swiveling solution with low profile height. The YOKE Weld-On Load Ring RGB can be swiveled 180 ° and can therefore be fully loaded in any direction. As a result, the yoke ring trestle can ensure safe and time-efficient handling and optimally lift loads. Two fastening points promote an even and economical distribution of force in the workpiece and thus enable the use of thinner base plates. The low profile design and the possibility of stowing prevent stumbling and getting caught and thus contribute to occupational safety.
Ringbock YOKE technische Zeichnung

Advantages and technical features:

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