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YOKE No. 8-211
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YOKE’s high-tensile LBO Load Ring with metrical thread is a certified professional grade 100 lifting point, which guarantees a higher working load limit up to 20 tons. The high working load limit of the YOKE Load Ring LBO remains unchanged even in a 90° angle. Each YOKE Load Ring LBO undergoes individually an electromagnetic test against cracks, ensuring the utmost safety in lifting, lashing and fall protection.

Highest product quality: YOKE Load Ring LBO

YELLOWPOINT is a product line of YOKE Industrial Corp., world leader in the production of safe industrial lifting points and lifting equipment. In cooperation with OSTALBKETTEN this product line is continuously developing.

YOKE’s new Load Ring LBO is made of special steel in order to achieve a higher resistance to bending and hardiness: grade 100 means that the WLL (Working Load Limit) is 25% higher than the common load rings grade 80. This results in a 2.5 times higher proof load than the approved WLL (Working Load Limit), guarantying maximum occupational safety.

The especially robust and resistant GEOMET surface coating of the Load Ring LBO in characteristically yellow color guaranties excellent resistance to corrosion and durability.

YOKE Load Ring with metric ISO-thread and American UNC-thread

The Load Rings LBO with metric thread from YOKE are available in all sizes from M8 up to M48 with WLLs (Working Load Limit) from 0.3 to 20 tones. American UNC-threaded Load Rings LBO are also available on request.

The masterlink of the LBO Load Ring is 90° pivotable, thus enabling the easy hooking-in of the lifting point.

Technical details of LBO Load Ring from YOKE:

  • All LBO Load Rings with approval and H-Stamp of the BG (German Employers’ Liability Insurance Association)
  • All LBO Load Rings comply to the European Machinery Directive
  • All LBO Load Rings meet the requirements of the ASME B30.26
  • Grade 100 for 25% more WLL (Working Load Limit)
  • Individual batch number on each forged part and screw for traceability
  • Full WLL (Working Load Limit) even when masterlink is pivoted to 90°
  • Temperature resistant :
    • from -40°C up to +100°C = 100%
    • up to 200°C = 85%
    • up to 250°C = 80%
    • up to 350°C = 75%
  • Proof load equals 2,5 times the approved WLL (Working Load Limit)
  • Minimum 20.000 cycle fatigue rated 1,5 times WLL (Working Load Limit)
  • 100% magnaflux crack detected
  • Easy change of screw in case of extension or repair
  • Extreme resistance to corrosion and durability through special GEOMET 321 A surface coating

Download the CAD-drawing for the LBO Load Ring from YOKE here.

Download the data sheet of LBO Load Ring from YOKE in pdf. extension here.

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